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Inspiring Jewish Pride and Identity and Jewish children - the future of Judaism.
Mission Statement
CPY is dedicated to providing a positive environment that is sure to engage the mind and heart, thereby forming an everlasting impression - to last a lifetime. We therefore go to great lengths to create a very warm and exciting classroom atmosphere, incorporating art projects, songs, games, and contests into all of our lesson plans.
Our school is a contemporary learning center that is committed to making each lesson relevant and interesting. Our “hands-on” learning style allows the children to experience authentic Judaism. Chabad Hebrew School will teach children about caring for others, bringing the lessons to life, by enhancing their Midot Tovot - true morals and values. At Chabad the children are happy to come and learn, because learning is fun!
» Our Goal
Our goal is to offer all Jewish children an education and memories that will continue to inspire them for a lifetime. We provide an education that instills Jewish pride, a sense of history, and a genuine and meaningful understanding of Judaism. Through this knowledge, our students grow into informed adults who will shape our communities and our world in years to come.
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First day of school is September 13, 2015. Calendar to be posted shortly. For more information please call 310.777.0358!