We're delighted that you have inquired about CPY Preschool! Below is general information regarding our great program.

The Staff

Our Teachers are naturally devoted and kind classroom leaders. They love children and are passionate about their jobs. They’re warmth and dedication will make you feel at ease, knowing your children are in the best of hands.

Excellence: All our staff and teachers are fully credentialed by the state of California. Even our assistants have enough credits to serve as teachers. Our lead teachers hold degrees in Early Childhood Education.

Commitment to Jewish education: Each classroom has a Judaic teacher and assistant, and staff work cooperatively to ensure that our quality educational program that reflects Jewish values.

Staff Training and Development: Our staff meets at least twice a week, once as an entire teaching body and the other by classroom to discuss curriculum and the needs of individual children. In addition, our staff receives biweekly teacher-development training by leaders in education.

The Program

Lesson Plans: Teachers plan weekly lesson plans, in collaboration with the other staff and the director. Plans are influenced by the interests of the children, but are driven and planned by the teachers. The curriculum offers a combination of emergent curriculum and a theme based approach.

Daily Schedule: The curriculum is full and vibrant, integrating Jewish philosophy with creative and discovery based learning. We have scheduled Davening time and circle time, where we learn Parshah and develop pre-literacy and math skills. We also have in store, sessions for Art and Movement, and center time for independent learning and play.

Planned activities are posted daily on a white board outside the classrooms. The daily schedule offers children a variety of activities, with a balance of quiet periods. The routine is followed on a daily basis, so that the children feel a sense of security. Children choose from activities that include dramatic play, science, discovery, spatial awareness activities, language and art. Activities are planned with skills in mind. For instance, children play with real clay rather than only play dough. This strengthens their fine motor skills, and at the same time encourages creativity. There are also various activities planned for children to interact and socialize with each other. Kindness and respect are modeled and encouraged, reflecting our values.

Our curriculum seamlessly integrates science and discovery, art, music, pre-math and spatial awareness, language and Judaism. It is inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy of preschool education and influenced by the interests of the children. If a class is curious about rocket ships and creates them from blocks during free play, the teacher will follow their lead and launch a theme on space exploration.

Jewish Lens: Our curriculum reflects Jewish values and traditions. The Jewish lens is how teachers plan the curriculum, and it influences the children’s daily interactions. Mitzvot, such as kindness and respect, are strengthened throughout the curriculum.

Documentation is an important piece of our learning process. Children are able to reflect on their progress when they look at pictures and read their quotes from earlier conversations. Each child has a photo journal that travels with them throughout their preschool years.

Respect for children: The children's interests and needs are taken seriously by the teachers.  You will also notice the way the teachers talk to the children, their voices always calm and interested. The children feel validated and cherished.  Some of the ways the teachers respect the children is by displaying their artwork and thoughts, by following through with suggestions the children make, and by encouraging and facilitating their competence and confidence. 

Individual Attention

Our teachers believe that every child is unique, and therefore has their own unique needs and interests. Our staff plans the curriculum and environment with each child in mind. They strive for the children to learn to be self-directed, self-reliant, self-confident, inquisitive and thoughtful. These qualities prepare our children to be lifelong learners.

Discipline: Our program promotes a positive approach to managing behavior of all children. We use prevention and positive reinforcement, set limits, and encourage children to problem solve.

Parent Involvement

Parent involvement is encouraged and valued. There are a variety of ways that parents can volunteer and get involved. We will be creating a PTA, for parents to create enrichment and community events.


General Information:

Dates: We will be starting on Monday, September 3rd,  2019 and conclude on June 18th, 2016. 

Our Graduation is set to date on June 17, 2020. 

We will be closed on all main secular and Jewish holidays. (ie. Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Passover, Shavuot, Labor day, Thanksgiving, Presidents day, and Memorial day. )

Hours are 8:45AM– 3:45 PM.

 NUT FREE: We are not a nut free school. In any case that a child is allergic to nuts, we will then become strictly a nut free environment.

Lunches and snacks: In order to respect other children’s Kosher standards, we ask that you don’t pack meat lunches. We have a no sharing policy, and ask that if snacks are packaged, they are labeled with a kosher sign. We will always have on premises fruit, drinks, and crackers, if needed.

Tuition: Our yearly tuition is $9500. We do not prorate. We are not funded by the government, and do not have any scholarships available.  We ask for a one time $100 registration fee and a $50 mandatory earthquake kit fee.

If you would like to talk to Mrs. Simcha Siev for further information or questions please call

(213) 880-5011. 

Thank you, looking forward to greeting you in our preschool!