We are pleased to welcome you to the Chabad Kids Club!  


Every month during the coming school year, your children and their friends can join us for a Jewish enrichment program supervised by our renowned teachers and staff.


Chabad Persian Youth has a well-deserved reputation of excellence in Jewish children's early education. Even if your child never attended the Chabad Persian Youth Center, you probably heard of the legendary warmth, learning and fun that go on here!  We welcome back our friends, former students and graduates, and look forward to greeting our new members and friends! 

Calendar of Events 2012-2013 

Sun., Nov 18, 2012             Kids Help the Homeless

Sun.,  Dec 9, 2012              
Light up the Night at Chanukah on ICE!

Sun.,  Jan 13, 2013             Tu B'Shevat: Kids help the environment!

Sun.,  Feb 24, 2013             Purim Laughter: Comedy show and dress up tea party!

Sun.,  Mar 17, 2013             Passover: Kids Cook for their Families!
Sun.,  Apr 21, 2013              Celebrate Israel!

Sun.,  April 28, 2013           Lag Baomer kids parade on PICO BLVD

Wed.,  May 13, 2013            Shavuot Ice Cream Party for kids only 


Sun.,   June, 9, 2013           Last event of the year

 Ages: Our Programs are generally for kids ages 4 - 9. Occasionally, we will welcome younger or a little bit older children.

Fees:  The fees range between $5 - $15  a child, depending on the event, and include dinner. 

Reservations: Please call the office at 310-777-0358 or RSVP on our website at

Times, Location and Dinner: We hold our events usually on Sundays, from 5:00 - 6:30 p.m. All our events, unless otherwise noted, will take place at CPY 9022 West Pico Blvd, one and a half blocks east of Doheney. We will note if the dinner is Dairy or Meat. This is not a drop off program.

Communication: We will be sending emails a few weeks in advance, as well as a reminder email the week of the event. If you’d to talk to us about the Chabad Kids Club, please contact Simcha Peer at 213.880.5011 or via email at 


Volunteer Opportunities: We would love your help and input! Whether it’s greeting parents and kids at the door, picking up supplies, setting up dinner, or alerting us to a great project or concept that we can use in our club, we want to hear from you. Please contact Simcha at 213.880.5011, or email